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Reliable Piano Movers, San Francisco Bay Area’s Most Trusted

At Golden Gate Moving, we are able to handle any type of piano move, from simple internal moves within your home to relocating hundreds of pianos for large sales or events. Moving your piano requires skill, tactics, special equipment and experience. That’s why our piano movers have been specifically trained to handle all piano moving services. Our founder, PJ McGee, has the knowledge and experience to go into any situation and assess the intricacies of a piano move, which is why Golden Gate Moving is one of the best piano moving companies in the state.

Years of piano moving experience

Golden Gate Moving has four decades of experience in piano moving. Over the course of our rich and rewarding growth as a business, we have become the go-to piano movers San Francisco companies and residents call when they need affordable piano movers. We have established and maintained wonderful working relationships with trusted companies like Sherman Clay, San Francisco Conservatory of Music, San Francisco Unified School District, and Yamaha Artist Services. We also have long standing piano moving relationships with the San Francisco Jazz Festival, Monterey Jazz Festival, San Jose Jazz Festival, San Francisco Symphony, Opera House, and Hearst Theatre… just to name a few!

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If you live in Northern California and are planning an upcoming move, do not try to take care of everything yourself! Instead of dealing with the hassle and stress, let our experts at Golden Gate Moving manage everything for you, down to the last detail. Whether you are moving across town or to a different state, our services are ideal for any task.

Safely moving your piano

If you’re preparing for a move across town or across the country, you may be wondering how to safely move your piano from point A to point B. Our job at Golden Gate Moving is to answer any questions you have and make sure the move goes smoothly, with zero damage to your piano. Some of the questions we hear from customers are:

  • How do I fit a piano in a stairwell?
  • Do I need a crane to move a piano?
  • How do I remove windows or doors to get the piano out?
  • Do I need ot hire a professional piano mover?

When moving your piano, having a trained and experienced piano mover is essential to protecting your possessions. Be careful of the household moving companies who claim they can move your piano. Although intentions are good, they don’t specialize in pianos like we do. Piano moving is not something that can be learned in a matter of weeks or months. It is something that is perfected only through years of training and on the job experience, especially in the city of San Francisco with all of our steep hills and tight turns.

During our decades of experience in San Francisco homes, we’ve become accustomed to navigating tight corners and employing hoisting assistance. We’ll first come to your home and assess the situation. If you have an upright piano and a wide stairwell, we may be able to easily maneuver your piano down the stairs and out of the house using piano skids, moving pads, ramps and slings. We also provide complete hoisting services if the stairs are too narrow or you need move a grand piano. If we find that a crane is the only way to get the piano into or out of your house, we’ll give you an estimate and talk you through the hoisting and moving process so there are no loose ends come moving day. We take care of the details, from providing the crane to removing any windows or doors as needed. You won’t have to hire and pay three different companies to do one move, which is why we at Golden Gate Moving have earned such a stellar reputation as the piano movers San Francisco can count on.

We are the piano movers San Francisco trusts, and we proudly serve the entire bay area. We’re prepared to move your piano across the street or across the state. Our warehouse is also set up for shipping and receiving services, so we can facilitate moving a piano anywhere throughout the West Coast, across the country or overseas!

Our services include the following:

  • Piano movers: Moving an instrument as enormous and valuable as a piano requires skill, care, and proper equipment. We never leave anything up to chance, but always ensure that your piano will stay safe and in perfect condition during transportation.
  • Residential moving: For a family, dealing with everything involved in moving an entire household can seem absolutely overwhelming. Our goal is to handle all your moving needs with skill and ease, so that you are free to take care of all the other tasks you need to complete before the big day.
  • Storage services: Proper storage requires adequate space and a professional climate-controlled atmosphere to keep your goods safe and secure. At our facility, we can provide you with all this and more! Leave all the details to us, including pickup, wrapping, and storage. We offer both short term and long term storage services and always handle your possessions with the utmost care.

Safely storing your piano

If you’re looking to store your piano in between moves or until you have space for it, our company can provide complete short-term and long-term storage. Our storage services include:

  • Expert wrapping of your piano
  • Safely moving your piano to our storage facility
  • Storage in our sfae and secure warehouse
  • Shipping and receiving for long-distance moves or orders

With Golden Gate Moving, you won’t have to worry about damp storage spaces or theft. Our warehouse is connected to our business, so your prized possessions will always have an honest eye on them. Your piano will be in safe hands until you need to retrieve it, at which point it will return to you as pristine as before.

When you call us for piano moving or storage services, please have the following at the ready so we can provide you with an accurate estimate:

  • Is it an upright or grand piano?
  • Make or model of piano
  • Height of upright
  • Length of grand
  • Do you have stairs?
  • Number of stairs or flights
  • Are there turns in the stairs? 90 degree or 180 degree
  • Type of flooring – hardwood, carpeted, concrete

Call us today at (650) 273-1910 to arrange a move to store your piano with San Francisco’s trusted piano movers!

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