How to plan your move

Here are some useful tips from us to you, to help you plan your move. If you have any further questions or concerns, give us a call.

When Selecting a Mover

  • Make sure the company you select is fully licensed. You can verify a licensed company on the California PUC website.
  • The California PUC movers handbook should be provided at time of estimate free of charge.
  • If an on site estimate is being done, feel free to ask the company for a not to exceed price contract.
  • Make sure the company is fully insured. They should be able to provide proof of insurance if asked.

For Your Move

  • Try and secure a couple of parking spaces in front of both locations for the move.
  • If you have elevators in your building, make sure to reserve them for moving day. Sole access to the elevators will ensure an expedient and efficient move.
  • Confine your pet to an out-of-the-way room to help keep them from being scared or running off. You might consider boarding them at a local kennel until you are settled.
  • Fragile boxes should be clearly labeled and pointed out to the movers.
  • You can leave items such as clothes and linens in drawers, however please remove anything that is fragile or can spill, such as perfume.
  • We will bring wardrobe boxes, free of charge for all of your hanging clothes. Therefore leave all hanging clothes until the day of the move.
  • Mirrors and pictures over 3 feet can be left on the wall for our movers to wrap properly.
  • Please let us know about plants you may need moved and do not water them for at least 2 days prior to the move.
  • Have a big cooler on hand..Leave refrigerated items in the fridge until the day of the move and we will pack your cooler with them before we leave.
  • Prepare a box with all the essentials to get you through the move and the first day. Keep all personal effects in this box as well. This includes important documents, purse/wallet, checkbooks, passports, heirlooms, jewelry, cell phone(s), chargers, medications and toiletries. Pack this box and keep it with you.
  • Everything else in the home (minus furniture, of course) needs to boxed and clearly labeled. Please label the box with it’s contents and where it belongs in your new destination.
  • Call your providers to cancel your phone, cable, WiFi, DSL or anything else you need to disconnect.
  • Call your providers to set up appointments for phone, cable, WiFi, DSL or anything else you need to be comfortable and connected in your new place.
  • Notify post office of new address and update address with insurers, credit card companies, banks and other important places you receive mail from.

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